Welcome to Cambridge University Thai Society (CUTS)

Merry Christmas!

It would be too late if I didn’t say that phrase today, wouldn’t it?

This surely is a good chance to wish you, CUTS members, Thai students studying in Cambridge, in the UK & anywhere in the world, or someone who happens to get lost in the internet and find this web by chance, a very Merry Christmas, great happiness and pleasurable rest during the term break (…well, I need to keep my wish short so that I have something to say for the next special day next week :P)

You may have noticed snow falling on the web (hopefully you didn’t find it annoying) for a couple of weeks and some slight changes of the web. Nevertheless, these are not yet everything that will appear on the web during the current vacation. There is at least one new feature coming soon! So when will it come? I’m sure you can find the answer by looking around the web, or simply visiting us everyday 😛

Hope all of you are having a great time and a ‘nice weather’, whether you are staying in the UK or Thailand, or wherever you are.

Bye for now 🙂

CUTS Webmaster


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